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The Victoria Grammar School (V.G.S) is the primary and secondary division of Toddlers’ Inn Nursery School, both located at Abelemkpe, Accra-Ghana. Our drive to continue the quality and holistic nurturing given to our children at the Pre-school gave birth to the Victoria Grammar School.

Established in September 2009, V.G.S strives to provide top quality education which adequately prepares students to handle life and its challenges with confidence, a sense of responsibility and excellence. We do this by crafting a curricular and a learning culture which enables each child to realize his or her full potential.

We maintain that a small class size and individual attention given to each student is an effective way of ensuring a good education and this is one of our strategies.

V.G.S is a school established on Christian principles. Our values and ethics are thus Christian-based. We represent different nationalities and do foster a family atmosphere inside and outside the classroom setting. The school has a number of social events for parents, teachers, and children to get to know each other.

We follow the Cambridge International Primary and Secondary Programme, with some adaptations to suit our Ghanaian culture.

Phone Number Victoria Grammar School

We believe that good behavior, guidance and discipline are key foundations for success. Without an orderly atmosphere, effective teaching and learning cannot take place. We therefore insist on the highest standards of behavior and conduct throughout the school. Self-discipline, love and care for others are expected from all.

With the right guidance and counseling, students will not only be intelligent but organized, persistent, confident, respectful, resilient and able to get along well with others. To do this, we must respect each other’s differences, treat each other kindly and listen to one another.

As partners in education, students, parents and staff are collectively responsible for raising high the flag of V.G.S.

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