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The Modern Muse Company was borne of a passion for the interdisciplinary areas of marketing, promotions, public relations, and business development. With over 15 years of experience in these fields, we can deliver living, breathing results for your brand, product, or service. Let us paint you a picture of how creative thinking can take your labor of love to the next level and beyond.

We specialize in business-to-consumer brand partnerships and integrated marketing campaigns, tailored specifically to your needs.

Advertising Services
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2-10 employees
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Includes members with current employer listed as The Modern Muse Company, LLC, including part-time roles.
Palo Alto, CA
Partnership marketing, Small business marketing, Experiential marketing, Sweepstakes marketing, Sponsorships, Prizing, Gifting, Public relations, Events, Radio promotions, and Television promotions
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Palo Alto, CA US

The Modern Muse Company, LLC logo

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